Happy New Year 2016

It’s time to avoid New Years Resolutions and simply get on with the Year.

Things I’ve got planned for this year:

  • at the moment, Pat and I are welcoming our latest and 6th grandchild in Houston, Ellie Hoffman, b. 12/20/15, to mom and dad, Katie and Justin Hoffman, their very first
  • a road-trip to Minnesota in our new Prius.  I know gas is down, so why the Prius?   Isn’t it about time?
  • more social activity in the web, like WikiTree and Wikiversity, with my passion for Shell Functions,
  • re-hosting McGowans.Org on a more socially conscious web-host,
  • which will permit publishing my commonplace book,
  • continued work with our local Boy Scouts,
  • my alumni club’s Book Club,
  • the Nativity Choir,
  • see niece Courtney graduate from Wagner this spring,
  • a trip to our in-laws, the Hoffman’s on Long Island, no doubt to coincide with J&K’s return.

By the way, this was motivated by a local Houston columnists pointedly humorous predictions for 2016.    So,  thought I’d make some of my own.


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