Collecting the Pieces

WordPress seems to be a good site to collect the pieces.  I’ve been blogging around, with  contributions to

  • the political: — Time To Get Liberal, of which this blog is the direct descendent,
  • the homespun:   three martinis.blogspot — after Martini’s and The Cub’s Corner — more later, and
  • the geek patrol: — the geek patrol

what i hope to do here is be around long enough to collapse all the written words into a consistent representation of my life (guess my age? — recognition — or not — to the first person to “nail” the correct answer).

Some of my best friends are close observers of social media, as well as the climate debate, not to mention we political liberals.     So, what you see here will represent those streams, and, with luck,  my own perspectives.    For example, while I’m an unrepentant liberal,  I think we’ve failed to address the great uproar now abroad.  Not for lack of trying.  Somehow, my ways, good as they are, fail to impress those who need to hear them.  So, I won’t be afraid of that dimension; it cuts both ways.

My father(Cub’s Corner) and his (Martinis) are persistent influences on my thought and expression.  I hope to honor  and respect them here.


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